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Hi-ho!  And welcome again to The Muppet -

Oops...  That's not right

Hello, and welcome to my new website!

If you don't already know me, allow me a brief introduction.  My name is Sandra Odell, and I am a smart mouth, troublemaker who writes, advocates, and eats chocolate.  Not necessarily in that order.  In 2010 I attended Clarion West, and in 2012 Hydra House Books released my holiday short story collection THE TWELVE WAYS OF CHRISTMAS.  I am represented by Caitlin MacDonald of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.  Um...what else?

Did I mention I like chocolate?


Take a look around.  There's not much here yet, but I hope to add more on a regular basis.  I adore audio fiction and enjoy sharing episodes of some of my favorite speculative fiction podcasts.  I am addicted to garlic and may sometimes offer up tasty recipes or bits of trivia.  Both of my sons have special needs and I am disabled, so from time to time I'll present links or information that may be of interest.  My husband of 20+ years is amazingly tolerant and owns The Dragon's Hoard Games.  Mostly, though, I'll just post cute cat pictures.


Until next time, you can follow me on Twitter @WriterOdell, and find me on




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