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HEAR THAT? Lightspeed Magazine

Much like ice cream, garlic, and really good chocolate, there are a variety of podcasts to suit every taste in fiction.  (What do you mean you don't like garlic?  That's just not right.)


Hugo Award-winning LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE burst onto the interwebz in June of 2010.  Under the leadership of editor John Joseph Adams, it soon merged with its sister FANTASY MAGAZINE and became one of the premiere markets for short fiction, and quality podcasts produced by Skyboat Media.  You can read the magazine for free as the issue is posted throughout the month or you can subscribe (hint, hint) and receive the issue in ebook format at the beginning of the month.  Story podcasts are available for free online throughout the month or via your favorite podcatcher.  Here are but a few of my favorites.

EPISODE FROM ISSUE 5:  "Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man's Back" by Joe R. Lansdale, read by Stefan Rudnicki.  Gah!  This is a devastating, powerful story of the end of the world and what comes after.  The main character is a nuclear physicist who makes it into a shelter with his wife and a handful of others as the world burns around them.  Unfortunately, his daughter does not and how he and his wife struggle with this reality years later is the heart of the story.  A Lansdale classic read by the man with the golden voice (she said at her most fangirlish).

EPISODE FROM ISSUE 59:  "The Universe, Sung in Stars" by Kat Howard, read by Gabrielle de Cuir.  Beauty, nurturing a young universe, and the death of a star.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  It is lyric and lovely, and Gabrielle brings the prose to life with her subtle grace.

EPISODE FROM ISSUE 20:  "On the Acquisition of Phoenix Eggs (Variant)" by Marissa Lingen, read by Hillary Huber. A fun, engaging story about wealth and status among the elite collectors in a modern day, magical world.  Louisa is eager to acquire a phoenix egg at auction, but soon finds that the egg is not precisely what she wanted.  Really enjoyed this one.

EPISODE FROM ISSUE 42:  "The Batttle of York" by James Stoddard, read by Vikas Adams.  This is an incredible story both in terms of prose and narration.  Here is the retelling of US history as seen through the eyes of the future, and it is as amazing as it is delightful.  Long, but well worth the listen.  Trust me on this one.

EPISODE FROM ISSUE 25:  "The Way of Cross and Dragon" by George R.R. Martin, read by Stefan Rudnicki.  The tale of church inquisitor Father Damien Har Veris who is charged with the task of rooting out a troubling heresy on a seemingly insignificant planet.  An intricate narrative that explores the meaning of faith.

EPISODE FROM ISSUE 49:  "Walking Awake" by N.K. Jemisin, read by Bahni Turpin.  2016 Hugh Award winner N.K. Jemisin never fails to satisfy and this story is no exception.  How one woman must humanity from the will and subjugation of the Masters, a parasitic alien race.  The story unfolds with the terrible, grim beauty of freedom.

EPISODE FROM ISSUE 41:  "HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!!" by Keffy R. M. Kehrli read by Stefan Rudnicki. *snicker*. . .*giggle*. . .hehehe!. . .  Yeah, it's that much fun, and another example of why I love Stefan's narrations.

There you have it, a handful of the best reasons I can think of to get you to listen to the stories at LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE.  There are so many great stories to chose from, I could only wish they produced more for each issue.

Have a favorite podcast?  Let me know in the comments.  And until next time, gentle listeners, keep your ears open!

(And, seriously, you don't like garlic?  C'mon. . .)



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