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Brain Weasels Hate Showtunes

If you need any help, just ask, I said.  I'd love to learn more, I said.

Sure thing, they said.  Hey, we have this story and you'd be terrific, they said.

Sure thing, I said.

Me and my big mouth.

Since then, I've graduated from recording on my phone to fiddling with Audacity, a free audio program on the web.  I'm far from perfect (we're talking continental divide here, folks), but I've enjoyed the learning curve far more than I thought I would, of course, not as much as I love sleeping with my wedge pillow.  For the record, I blame the good folks at the Cast of Wonders podcast for infecting me with this bug.  Go listen to a few of their episodes.  Better yet, become a supporter on the Escape Artists, Inc. Patreon page and support all of the great EA podcasts.

I'll never be a voice actress, I may never be asked to record anything again, but for now here is a bit of my recent Audacity tinkering.  I can't vouch for the quality of the singing or the recording, but it was fun and this is one of my favorite bits of original filk.  May take a moment to load.  I might record another one.  Who knows?

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